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Our mission is for everyone to improve their Wellbeing. There are numerous steps that one can take immediately to improve ones Wellbeing, and these steps can be simple lifestyle changes, or spending time reflecting. For those who want to dive into looking after their wellbeing, we offer Workshops, Psychotherapy or Coaching as appropriate. We look at all aspects of a person, and we utilise different strategies as appropriate. We have also discovered a wealth of Wellbeing services locally, nationally, and worldwide, that offer excellent services that we can refer to.

Our Wellbeing branch is led by Natalie McCandless, a Women’s Wellbeing Coach and accredited Psychotherapist, who thinks creatively and passionately about everything Wellbeing. Natalie brings her wealth of experience and passion to deliver thoughtful and creative Workshops and individual Coaching to people at all stages of their lives. A Mother herself, Natalie has a specific interest in working with Women on their journey through Motherhood, and looks to support them through this life-changing experience and beyond.

Upcoming workshops


Being You - Workshop for Women

Wednesday 15th May 2019
7.00pm - 9.00pm
Bamboo Wellness London,
177a Wandsworth High Street SW18 4JE  

When was the last time you spent 2 hours reflecting on what fulfils and nourishes you through your values and identity? 

My next workshop is all about that - for you to give yourself time and space to get creative and think about Being You. 

The workshop is for all Women, and can be useful at any stage in your life as it helps you to gain clarity on what helps to fulfil you, and for you to create vision and goals around them. By focusing on our values, we focus on what is most meaningful to us. 

You will be sorting through values and will target the ones you feel you need to work on. Once you have started using this technique, it is something you’ll come back to time and again. 

Light foods and drinks from the gorgeous Bamboo Wellness Cafe will be provided, and all materials for the vision boards will be ready for you to get creative and take away your board to put up at home. 

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Being You - Embracing your identity as a Woman and Mother Workshop

Friday 26th April 2019 - 10am -12pm @ Bamboo Wellbeing London, Wandsworth High Street.

Being You Workshop

This workshop is for all women on their journey as Mothers. Whether they are about to become Mothers for the first time, or they are have 2, 3 , 4 children… it is for anyone who feels that they would benefit from delving into their values and experiences to help nurture their identity in the now, as well as looking toward where they would like to be.

As a Woman, becoming a Mother shouldn’t mean that you feel you have to give up your identity. It should feel like you are adding to your identity. After working with Women for the past 15 years and after becoming a Mother myself, I am well aware of the twists and turns Motherhood can take, as well as the major lifestyle change that can happen.

This workshop aims to help guide you on your identity journey through the use of vision boards, talks and sharing experiences.

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