It all started when…

Our mission is for everyone to improve their Wellbeing. After a combined 23 years service working for NHS as Psychotherapists, we believe that we all need to be focusing on prevention of mental health, as well as cure. There are numerous steps that one can take immediately to improve ones Wellbeing, and these steps can be simple lifestyle changes. For those who want to dive into looking after their wellbeing, we offer Psychotherapy or Coaching as appropriate. We look at all aspects of a person, and we utilise different strategies as appropriate. We have also discovered a wealth of Wellbeing services locally, nationally, and worldwide, that offer excellent services that we can refer to.

Our Wellbeing branch is led by Natalie McCandless, a Women’s Wellbeing Coach and accredited Psychotherapist, who thinks creatively and passionately about everything Wellbeing. Natalie brings her wealth of experience and passion to deliver thoughtful and creative Workshops and individual Coaching to people at all stages of their lives. A Mother herself, Natalie has a specific interest in working with Women on their journey through Motherhood, and looks to support them through this life-changing experience and beyond.